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About FOAS

What is FOAS?

Friends of the Arts School (“Friends” or “FOAS”) is a non-profit corporation operated exclusively as a charitable and educational organization supporting Fayette County (Kentucky) Public Schools’ “School for the Creative and Performing Arts” (SCAPA) in Lexington, KY. FOAS’s bylaws define the organization’s mission as:

…generating funds, providing volunteer services, and cultivating community awareness for [SCAPA] and its efforts to nourish creativity, promote academic proficiency, and encourage a respect for and appreciation of human diversity.

Bylaws of the Friends of the Arts School, Inc.

Bottom line: we do everything and anything to support the kids, faculty, and staff at SCAPA Bluegrass and Lafayette!

How can I become a member?

All parents or legal guardians of children who are enrolled in or have confirmed their acceptance to SCAPA (Bluegrass or Lafayette), and all SCAPA faculty are automatically members!

Moreover, participation in meetings and activities is also open to the greater arts community–so feel free to join us at our next meeting.

What does FOAS actually do?

FOAS supports SCAPA students and staff in too many ways to provide a complete list, but includes…

Volunteer support for:

  • Cruise Into SCAPA
  • SCAPA Bash (our annual back-to-school carnival & silent auction)
  • Set construction for productions
  • Fundraising
  • Classroom assistance

Financial assistance with:

  • Field trips
  • Teacher & staff appreciation
  • Academic needs
  • Classroom supplies & material
  • Technology
  • Speech Team
  • Yearbook
  • Theatre productions
  • Band & Strings concerts & instruments
  • Piano recitals & instruments
  • Dance recitals & class materials
  • Vocal recitals, instruments & music
  • Literary Arts events & materials
  • Visual Arts events & materials
  • Students experiencing financial hardship

…And much, much more!

What are some typical FOAS activities?

Be sure to check out our SCAPA Calendar, which shows all FOAS activities….