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Statement of Appropriate Use

By registering as a user of this website you agree to proper use of the site and the SCAPA FOAS Member Directory. Proper use must conform to all requirements of FCPS’s Acceptable Use Policy. Proper use of the SCAPA FOAS Member Directory is solely (1) as a listing of fellow classmates, fellow classmates’ families, and their contact information and (2) to facilitate organizing parent involvement in The Friends of the Arts School’s designated projects, and in school projects as designated by SCAPA staff.

While content posted to the SCAPA website itself is public, and may be shared publicly, all information in the SCAPA FOAS Member Directory is private:

  • No information stored in the Directory may be shared by anyone with any other person for any reason
  • The SCAPA FOAS Member Directory MAY NOT be used for personal gain or made available for commercial purposes or solicitations.
  • All information herein was secured by The Friends of the Arts School, Inc., and is not an official listing.

SCAPA FOAS reserves the right to review, reject, edit, publish, and/or delete any information or content you or any other user provides.

Registration is only available to

  • Parents or guardians of current SCAPA students
  • Current SCAPA students with the permission of their parent or guardian.
  • Current staff or faculty of SCAPA

SCAPA FOAS will review and verify your submitted registration request within 3 business days. SCAPA FOAS reserves the right to reject your registration request, or to revoke you registration if you are determined to ineligible or in violation of this acceptable use policy.

Please email scapa.foas@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.

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Brief excerpt from FCPS Acceptable Use Policy

  1. FCPS, SCAPA, and FOAS expect parents/guardians to partner with us to teach students to use available technology safely and appropriately. While the school will make every effort to prevent inappropriate use, it is impossible to block all inappropriate content. Likewise, any wi-fi connection not maintained by the district is not monitored and is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.
  2. Roles and Responsibilities of Students: Technology and network access is intended solely to support educational goals and instruction. Students are expected to use resources responsibly and will be held accountable for their behavior and communications. All communications, data and files stored or transmitted via the district network are considered property of Fayette County Public Schools and may be reviewed and/or removed. Within reason and legal guidelines, freedom of speech and access to information shall be honored.