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New to SCAPA?

What is SCAPA? The School for the Creative and Performing Arts (SCAPA) is Fayette County Public School’s magnet program for students in grades 4-12 who exhibit excellence in one of 9 arts areas…ballet, band, contemporary dance, drama, literary art, piano, strings, visual art, or vocal music. Students must audition in their chosen area and meet selection criteria.

Bluegrass versus Lafayette? SCAPA Bluegrass includes our 4th-8th grade students. SCAPA Lafayette includes our 9th-12th grade students. The Bluegrass building is adjacent to Lafayette High School and some SCAPA LHS students continue to return to Bluegrass for classes in their art area during the school day.

What’s a typical SCAPA Bluegrass day like? Elementary students have class in their Major (chosen art area) 3 times/week, with an elective class (band, strings or movement) on opposite days. They also have class in other art areas (art, dance, drama, choir, literary arts) in addition to their Major area as part of their weekly class rotation. Elementary students have science daily along with their math, social studies, reading & language arts classes. Middle school students have class in their Major every day, declare a Minor each year in a different art area than their Major, and have multiple elective options. Middle schoolers rotate through their academic classes on an A/B schedule.

What is Cruise Into SCAPA? Cruise Into SCAPA is SCAPA Bluegrass’ annual back-to-school night. Families & students are invited to school and attend grade-level orientation meetings, receive academic schedules & teacher assignments, meet teachers, complete required forms, pay student fees, order choir uniforms and stock up on SCAPA Wear.

What is the SCAPA Bash? SCAPA Bash is FOAS’s largest annual fundraiser. Held in September at SCAPA Bluegrass, the carnival-style event and silent auction is one of everyone’s favorite SCAPA traditions.

Where do SCAPA performances take place? SCAPA utilizes multiple local venues for their performances…Lexington Opera House, Norsworthy Auditorium, Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center, Beeler Auditorium at Lafayette High School, local churches and SCAPA Bluegrass’ multipurpose room.